Cynthia Cosco is a winemaker who has “made it”.  She has gone the steps from part time assistant to full time winemaker.  She has created her own wine label Passaggio Wines.  She has won silver and gold for her wine.  But most importantly, she is making wine and loving every second of it!

Beside making her own wine Cynthia also has a passion for helping others just like you make better wine. So she has written down a few inside secrets for any aspiring home winemaker in an easy-to-read 10 part short course. You will learn:

  • Which ingredients to use, and avoid. For instance, learn how to spot bad grapes.
  • How to plan a batch of wine. Important things to consider before you begin.
  • Essential sanitation. Which steps to take.
  • Fermentation, taste and smell. Why it is important to monitor during the entire process and what to look for.
  • Monitoring temperature. Which temperatures you should have for various stages in the winemaking process
  • How to keep a winemaking diary and what to record.

Plus much much more….


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